Nestled within the serene embrace of Victoria’s Gippsland Lakes, Raymond Island emerges as an enchanting haven, adorned with a tapestry of wildlife that beckons adventurers and nature enthusiasts into its verdant embrace.

Encounter Koalas: Raymond Island’s Endearing Icons


Step onto the revered Koala Trail, a living testament to the island’s captivating biodiversity. Koalas, the treasured denizens of Raymond Island, play a pivotal role in this wildlife utopia. As you embark on this picturesque path, the rustling of eucalyptus leaves heralds the presence of these cuddly marsupials. They are often found dozing peacefully or ambling amidst the treetops. 

Observing these iconic creatures in their natural habitat along the Koala Trail is an unparalleled experience, providing an intimate glimpse into their tranquil lives.

koala bear on brown tree
Raymond Island's WIldlife: a small kangaroo standing on top of a dry grass field

Beyond the Koala Trail: A Symphony of Diverse Wildlife Encounters

While koalas take centre stage, Raymond Island’s wildlife spectacle extends far beyond. Amidst woodlands and wetlands, an orchestra of avian life thrives. Rosellas flaunt their vivid plumage, kingfishers elegantly skim the water’s surface, and the hearty laughter of kookaburras echoes through the air. Delve deeper, and the island unveils an ensemble cast—echidnas foraging amidst the underbrush, kangaroos bounding across open spaces, and possums gracefully commencing their nocturnal activities. Each sighting paints a vivid picture of the island’s diverse and thriving ecosystem.

Championing Wildlife Conservation: Raymond Island Koala Trail’s Noble Mission

At the heart of the Raymond Island Koala Trail lies an unwavering commitment to preserving the island’s ecological balance. As custodians of this sanctuary, our mission encompasses advocacy for wildlife protection, conservation initiatives, and educational outreach. Through community engagement and awareness programmes, we nurture a collective responsibility towards safeguarding these natural treasures, fostering a sustainable environment where wildlife thrives.

gray koala on tree branch under cloudy sky

Explore, Engage, and Preserve: Your Journey into Raymond Island’s Wildlife Haven

Embark on an expedition to Raymond Island, a sanctuary brimming with wildlife wonders waiting to be discovered. A serene ferry ride from Paynesville unveils the gateway to this nature utopia. Traverse the tranquil landscapes, immerse yourself in the diverse sightings, and revel in the essence of this extraordinary sanctuary.

Your Call to Preserve: Join the Conservation Movement!

Embrace the magic of Raymond Island’s wildlife firsthand! Plan your visit, traverse the Koala Trail, and become an advocate for conservation efforts. Share your experiences and commitment to preserving nature’s splendour—let’s stand together in safeguarding these invaluable treasures.