Welcome to the enchanting realm of Raymond Island, situated amidst the breathtaking Gippsland Lakes. Join us on an extraordinary journey through the Raymond Island Koala Trail, where nature’s marvels and a community’s dedication converge in perfect harmony.

Unveiling the Raymond Island Koala Trail Experience

Exploration Beyond Imagination

Step into a realm where education dances with nature’s brilliance—the Raymond Island Koala Trail is not just a mission; it’s a captivating adventure. Our goal is simple: to introduce you to the world of koalas and the richness of our native flora and fauna. We aim to ignite your passion for our precious wildlife through interactive encounters.

What Sets This Experience Apart?

Guided Nature Walks

Embark on a collective island exploration! Our knowledgeable guides will lead you through lush forests, unravelling the secrets of koala habitats and the island’s diverse wildlife.

Educational Adventures

Plunge into the wonders of nature through lively and interactive educational programs. Discover the stories of our furry and feathery friends, grasp the significance of conservation, and uncover how you can make a meaningful impact.

Caring for Creatures

Every creature, big or small, receives the dedicated care they deserve. Whether sick or injured, we’re here to nurture and heal, providing them with a chance to thrive.

Understanding Nature

The key to effective conservation is data collection. Delve into the study of animal behaviour and habitats, enabling us to protect our wildlife precisely.

koala bear on brown tree branch

A Harmony of Support

Local Partnerships

Thanks to unwavering support from entities like the Victoria State Government and the Foundation for Rural Regional Renewal, the Raymond Island Koala Trail has not only survived but thrived.

Community Heroes

Our local community, volunteers, and businesses stand as incredible allies. Together, we’ve laid a robust foundation for conservation.

Volunteers’ Spirit

Volunteers form the backbone of our project. From data gathering to leading walks, their unwavering dedication has amplified our impact.

A Triumph of Conservation

The Raymond Island Koala Trail is more than just a project; it’s a testament to success. Through teamwork and unyielding determination, we are forging a sanctuary for our koalas and a haven for nature enthusiasts.

Join the Conservation Adventure!

Ready to be part of this incredible journey? Immerse yourself in nature. Walk, learn, and champion our wildlife with us. Contact us to become a vital part of the preservation movement.